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We're all about family breaks at Apple Blossom Caravans. And, if your family includes a small or medium-sized dog, we'd like to include them too!

If you're thinking of bringing your pet with you to Butlin's Minehead, there are a few things to bear in mind :

  • Butlin's do not allow pets of any size to enter any area of the holiday park, apart from the area listed as "Lakeside Park".

  • When in the park, dogs must be kept on their lead at all times other than inside the caravan - and remember your poop bags!

  • We are happy to welcome either two small, or one medium-sized dog into our caravan, as long as we have been informed at the time of booking.

  • As we are a family-focussed caravan, we have to be mindful that our caravan could be used by people with allergies. In order to offer the best possible service to such people, it is our policy to have the caravan deep-cleaned immediately after any family with dogs have stayed there. The cost of this is £80, which is added to the cost of your break.

  • Sometimes dogs can cause damage to the caravan. They can't always help it, and we appreciate that occurencies are rare. In order to ensure that any damage does not result in the cancellation or alteration of anyone's break, our policy is to add an damage bond to the cost of the holiday. This is set at £100, and will be returned to the person who paid it, around 72 hours after you have left the caravan - subject to an inspection carried out on our behalf by members of the team at Butlin's. If you notice any damage - whether caused by your pooch or not - please let us know, so that we can get it put right.