23.07.2021 :The new normal 

So. 18 months into the Worldwide Pandemic, and we are now trying to inch carefully into a kind of normality. Butlins have worked hard to try and ensure that as many guests as possible can enjoy some semblance of a break. Don't get me wrong: they did brilliantly throughout the lockdown, and - other than a short term staffing issue this spring - everything remained open as much as was possible. We were able to offer seaside caravan breaks totally independently to Butlin's for much of last summer, and the reports we had returned to us told of fantastic memories being made by people who were not used to English holidays.  

From July 19th this year, we have been able to advise our holiday makers that previously restricted areas such as Splash Pool and venues such as Reds, Centre Stage etc are now open to everyone. This is brilliant news!

21.07.2021 : We have a secret!

Don't you hate it when someone tells you that they know a secret, but cannot tell you? Well, we hope to have some brilliant news for you about our caravan. We are just dotting some 't's and crossing some 'i's, and then - possibly as soon as a couple of months away - we can reveal all! Stay tuned...

For those who haven't  ventured into Minehead Town, all I can tell you is you must keep it a secret from your Weightwatchers or Slimming World groups. The road is teeming with independent retailers, manufacturing and/or selling the most amazing fayre. Today we ventured into a new shop called "Flapjackery". Just for a nose you understand. Spent a lot of money, and came out with the most amazing assortment of fudge, flapjacks, and other chocolate coated devilment. Highly recommended... 

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05.07.2021 : Say goodbye to your diet!