We're always trying to find ways to may things easier - and we've                                                      teamed up with a wonderful site that allows you to see in real time                                                  what dates we have available, and how much it will cost for you to                                                  stay here. If you're ready, then click on the link below! Don't worry if                                            you need more information - just ask!

Before you book, we want to tell you a word or two about costs. We have aligned our prices to be very competitive. Our breaks are competitively priced, and are based on up to six people sharing, plus the Butlin's admin fee. If your group or family are set up differently, please contact us so that we can give you the best possible deal. The only variation to this, is for the Adult Music breaks. These are based on four adults sharing (remember no under 18's are allowed at these events).

Deposits and charges.

We get many enquiries about breaks in our caravan. The available dates are viewable through our link to UKCaravans4hire. In order to reserve your break, we will ask for a deposit of just £50. This deposit is included in all of our advertised prices. When you pay this deposit, we set to work on your behalf. We have to let Butlin's know exactly who is staying in our caravan for safety and security reasons, and to do this we complete a secure online form.  Butlin's charge us for the work they do, and charge us again for any amendments or cancellations to your booking. At the time of deposit payment, we also change the break from "available" to "Provisional" on UKCaravans4hire. We regret that - under normal circumstances - we are unable to refund the booking deposit in the event of cancellation. 

The damage bond is payable for all groups. It is not included in the advertised price due to the variables in place, but you will be informed at the time of enquiry the amount of damage bond that is to be added to the booking cost. 

The damage bond will either be:

  • £100 per break for a family break, or

  • £50 per person per break for a special event such as an adult music weekender, or PDC darts event etc.

At the end of your break, a condition report is completed by our representative at Butlin's, and - as long as no damage has occurred during your break - the damage bond is returned to you in full.

As an example, if you are a family of four people and your break is priced at £600, you will pay £50 deposit, leaving £650 to pay (£600 let, plus £100 damage bond, less £50 deposit paid). You can pay all in one go, or alternatively spread the cost however you please. We just ask that the final payment is received at least one calendar month before your holiday starts (eg if you are staying in the caravan from July 1st, we need you all paid up by June 1st).

There are a few additional terms and conditions that we need you to read, and they are printed below. By booking the caravan we will assume that you have read and understood the following:


We have tried hard to make sure that booking your special break is as easy and pain-free as possible. Here's what we've come up with...

1. Read the Terms and Conditions below. That way, you know what you will be getting for your money.

2. Decide how you want to pay the deposit, and any subsequent payments. We have three easy methods of payment. These are:

  • Bank transfer directly into our bank. This is quick and easy, and is fee-free.

  • By Debit or Credit Card. We use a safe online system called SumUp. They make a charge of 1.5% per transaction, so if you would like to pay via this method, let us know so we can make sure we get the maths right!

  • PayPal. A very safe way to process a transaction online, giving you more anonymity. PayPal make a charge of 4.4% + 0.20 per transaction, so if you would like to pay via this method, please let us know so we can adjust your invoice accordingly.

(Please note that, for legal reasons, we will always return the damage bond using the same method of payment made to pay originally.

3. Click on the big blue box below, which will take you to our booking page within Fill in the details and send to us. 

4. We will converse with you via email, to ensure that a legitimate communication trail is established for your peace of mind. After you have agreed to book the break, we will ask for personal details for all guests - including title, name, address and date of birth.

5. When deposit and personal details have been sent, you will then be booked! We will write to you regularly with any updates regarding our caravan and/or Butlin's that we feel is relevant.


The Caravan.

The caravan is owned by Guy and Donna Young, trading as Apple Blossom Caravans. By booking to stay in our caravan, you are accepting of the fact that you will arrive and leave within the times stipulated on the booking receipt, unless otherwise instructed by either Butlins or ourselves. 

Whilst staying in our caravan, you have agreed to be held responsible for ensuring the security of the caravan by locking doors and closing windows when away from it. 

All items found within the caravan at time of arrival are the property of Apple Blossom Caravans, and must be left in the position and condition that you found them in.

We will ensure that the interior is professionally cleaned before your arrival, as well as after you leave, but we ask that you remove any rubbish or unused foods upon exiting the caravan.

Damage bond.

It is agreed upon booking that you will pay a damage bond.

When you arrive at the caravan, everything should be in good condition and in good working order. It is important that you notify us immediately of any defects, so that (a) we can get them fixed, and (b) we don't inadvertently charge you for repairs.

When you exit the caravan at the end of your booked break, a representative will come and inspect the caravan for signs of damage. Minor damages may be repaired or replaced using funds from your damage bond so to do. Any major damage to the caravan will be repaired urgently, with the costs of such work being charged to the lead booker. Should the damage be such that the caravan cannot be used, then additional costs will be added to compensate for this - including costs of refunding fees paid by subsequent guests if we are no longer able to provide our caravan for them.  We do not usually charge for the odd glass, or plate - but we do ask you to tell us if you have broken them so that we can arrange replacements,

Cancellation fees.

From time to time, situations arise whereby bookings have to be cancelled. Please read the following notes in respect of cancellations.

Breaks cancelled by us:

In the unlikely event that your break is cancelled by us, the following recompense is payable:

  • If the break is cancelled by us/Butlin's prior to booking date, due to double-booking, or faults/damage to caravan, there will be an option to rebook at a later date, or alternatively a full refund of all monies paid to us by you ("lead guest")

  • If the break is cancelled by us/Butlin's due to false or incorrect contact information being passed to us by the lead guest, there will be no refund.

  • If you or a member of your party are asked to leave the resort by a member of Butlin's security staff due to misuse of drink, drugs, or any other form of behaviour not in accordance with Butlin's rules and regulations, no refund is payable.

Breaks cancelled by you:

Should you wish to cancel your break with us, this must be done via email to Please take the following cancellation fees into consideration:

  • Cancellation more that two calendar months prior to start of break: deposit forfeited.

  • Cancellation more than one calendar month and less than two calendar months prior to start of break: 50% of full booking fee

  • Cancellation less than one calendar month prior to start of break: Full booking fee payable.

Entertainment passes/wristbands:

  • All entertainment is provided by Bourne Leisure t/a Butlin's.

  • Wristbands and/or passes are issued in order to enjoy the entertainment and facilities provided.

  • We advise that you check on Butlin's website regularly to confirm the facilities and entertainment available during your stay in our caravan, as we can not be held responsible for any changes or cancellations made to the entertainment provided at any time.  the small print is out of the way, here's where the fun starts! 

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